SUNDAYS AT 5PM at york creek community center

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We engage in these ideals in various ways. Modeled after those very first believers in Acts (2:42-47, 4:32-37) we invite people to join us at:

the Altar

we gather weekly to open God’s word and worship Him. Restoration, healing, and all that we need starts with God’s Word and the worship of Him. ( 

the Table

we gather regularly for times of fellowship and community. Seeking to invest in people and relationships more than material goods. Through meals, service opportunities, small groups and community events we share in God’s love and humbly invite Him to work out the Gospel we profess in our daily living. 

the Fields

we regularly and intentionally engage in the life of our community. Our schools, service centers, community development, committee meetings…anything having to do with the community God has placed us in becomes our ministry field. We are invested in being salt & light, a blessing in a wholistic way, letting His love, truth and grace to be felt through out. 


the Garden

nothing we do matters if not empowered by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we weekly engage in times of prayer and reflection. Corporately, individually, through fasting and scripture we will engage in seeking out God’s voice and inviting those around us to intercede not only on our behalf, but on behalf of Gods kingdom at large.